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Somatix SafeBeing

Somatix SafeBeing™ is a remote patient monitoring platform that can improve safety and well-being for elderly and at-risk individuals at home and in long-term care facilities.Somatixsomatix

Remote Patient Monitoring

Allied Services now offers Somatix SafeBeing™. This remote patient monitoring platform offers patients, families, caregivers, and our staff peace of mind thanks to emergency alerts and data-driven decision making tools.

What is SafeBeing?

SafeBeing™ is a new 24x7 remote monitoring solution that’s cost-effective and SafeBeing-Platform​easy-to use. The user wears a waterproof, light-weight smart watch that detects hand movements. SafeBeing automatically detects, indoor and outdoor, a range of hand and body gestures to deliver real-time alerts and care insights. Sensors in the smartband monitor various activities of daily living—and send notifications and reminders about walking, drinking, sleep irregularities and medication compliance, so you know what’s going on.

Easy to Use Appsscreen-shot

SafeBeing™ includes apps that help users, caregivers, and loved ones stay informed.

  • A provider app that allows staff to access insights and alerts on-the-goal. Family members can also check in with their loved ones and receive alerts.
  • A patient app that enables patients to manage their activity and well-being, including tracking their steps, hydration, and medication.

Screenshot_2​SafeBeing™ can detect and alert caregivers of dangers posed to elderly individuals and the data collected can provide valuable insights into a patient’s health for better-informed healthcare decisions. The platform includes a caretaker app for caregivers and family members to be alerted on the go.

SafeBeing™ also offers detection of wandering, immediate fall and inactivity situations so that caretakers and family will know when there are alarming events as they occur. Caretakers are not always able to watch over seniors every minute, so think of SafeBeing as an added layer of protection, helping to maintain overall wellness.Wristband

SafeBeing™ users stay healthy and independent while caregivers and seniors have key information at their fingertips- helping to relieve stress and worry because you know your loved one is in safe hands.

Learn more about what makes SafeBeing™ valuable for patients and caregivers.

Somatix SafeBeing™ at Allied Services

Somatix SafeBeing™ premiered at Allied Services in the fall of 2021. It is currently being offered to patients on a trial basis at the following levels of care. To find out if you or a loved one would benefit and is eligible for remote patient monitoring please use the contact information below:

Learn more about Somatix here.