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Allied Services Behavioral Health Division

Behavioral Health Services

Allied Services Behavioral Health Division began operations in 1979, with the opening of “Harbor House” Program, a thirty bed Community Residential Rehabilitation Facility (CRR), which provides a wide range of supports and skills training to individuals with mental illness. The Division’s Supported Living Program began in 1990, and currently provides housing supports to over one hundred and twenty people in Lackawanna and Susquehanna Counties.

Programs & Services

The Behavioral Health program helps individuals become re-acquainted with social, economic, cultural, and recreational resources in the community to more easily attain independent lifestyles. Allied Services offers several distinct programs:

  • Community Residential Rehabilitation (CRR)
    CRR program facilities offer a home-like atmosphere and strong sense of community that help residents develop relationships and improve life skills. Residential-style rehabilitation in a group home helps people with psychiatric disorders repair self-esteem, build skills, and learn to manage their mental health symptoms. Program participants typically live in a CRR facility before transitioning to their own apartment or alternate stable living situation. CRR’s have 24 hour staff supervision.
  • Locations include:
    • Lackawanna County: 30 bed facility in Dickson City
    • Luzerne County: 4 bed facility in Kingston; 6 bed facility in Bear Creek
    • Bradford County: 6 bed facility in Towanda
    • Schuylkill County: 10 bed facility in Pottsville
  • Enhanced Supported Living Program (ESLP)
    The ESL program offers permanent group home or apartment-style residence for people living with serious mental illness. Residents receive support including: medication management, social interaction, maintaining a safe and healthy home, transportation, nutrition education, and service coordination. Residents maintain their living space with staff support. Enhanced Supported Living facilities have 24 hour staff supervision.
  • Locations include:
    • Lackawanna County: 3 separate 6 bed homes in Scranton
    • Luzerne County: 6 bed home in Wilkes-Barre
  • Supported Living Services
    Are designed to provide the support services needed to enable individuals with mental illness to live as independently as possible in their own apartments. Caseworkers schedule regular visits to ensure individuals are living safely in their homes and are receiving the services they need to live a higher quality independent life.
  • Available in:
    • Bradford County
    • Lackawanna County
    • Luzerne County
    • Susquehanna County
    • Sullivan County
    • Schuylkill County
    • Wyoming County
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Day Program
    Psychiatric Rehabilitation professionals coach, teach and encourage individuals as they learn and practice independent living and behavioral management skills. This service offers both site-based and mobile learning opportunities in group and one-on-one settings. Some examples include vocational and educational goal setting; financial or household management; job search and interview preparation; stress and anger management; self-care and nutrition. The action of putting the client in charge of their success is what separates Psychiatric Rehabilitation from other traditional psychiatric treatments.
  • Locations include:
    • Lackawanna County - Blakely
    • Bradford County - Sayre
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Allied Services now offers Somatix SafeBeing™. This remote patient monitoring platform offers patients, families, caregivers, and our staff peace of mind thanks to emergency alerts and data-driven decision making tools. Learn more about how Somatix SafeBeing™ can help patients and residents here.

Serving the Larger Scranton Area

The Behavioral Health Division is made up of over 400 consumers in 5 counties. Extensive annual licensing surveys are conducted. The Behavioral Division was recently surveyed by the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, (OMHSAS), and is in excellent standing, having completed its 2010-11 licensing cycles.

All programs provided in Lackawanna, Susquehanna, Bradford, Sullivan, and Schuylkill counties utilize the principles of Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Services are provided in a community-based location determined by the consumer. Available services range from assistance finding housing to skill building within the home and/or community.

Eligibility Requirements

Any adult from Lackawanna, Susquehanna, Bradford, Sullivan, and Schuylkill counties who has a diagnosis of mental illness is eligible for services provided by the Behavioral Health Division.

All referrals must be processed through the appropriate County Operated Case Management System. Referrals are also made directly from the individuals themselves, families, therapists, physicians, and mental health agencies.

For more information on our Behavioral Health Division call 570-346-9558.