Dedicated Respiratory Unit

Skilled Nursing Services

Allied Services Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center is the only skilled nursing center in the region that offers a dedicated respiratory unit. Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, the most current technology and most proven therapies, our ten respiratory therapists, led by a board-certified pulmonologist, have common goals:

  • Synchronize the ventilator to meet the individual needs of the resident’s breathing pattern
  • Enhance Communication utilizing a Passy Muir valve
  • Follow an aggressive pulmonary toileting program to resolve/reduce infections
  • Assess tracheotomy tube for downsizing prior to weaning from the artificial airway
  • Wean residents from their ventilator whenever possible

Specialty Services

The special respiratory services, technologies, and modalities in the ventilator unit include:

  • Ventilator management
  • Arterial blood gas sampling and analysis
  • Airway assessment and management
  • Passy-Muir speaking valve coordination with speech therapy
  • Routine nebulizer therapy
  • Chest physiotherapy
  • In-Exsufflator
  • Inspiratory muscle training
  • ABI vest (airway clearance device)
  • CPAP & BiPAP therapy
  • Pulse oximetry
  • Intrapulmonary percussive ventilation
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Tracheotomy care
  • Bronchoscopy assistance

Technologies involved:

  • Precision Flow Plus Deliver Hi-VNI® Technology Intuitively
  • Flight 60 Ventilators

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Pulmonologist Reviews

The Respiratory Unit is staffed 24 hours/day, 7 days/week with licensed respiratory therapists, who provide extensive pulmonary care for the most medically complex patients, both on a post-acute and chronic long-term level. The 26-bed state-of-the-art ventilator unit is staffed by a highly qualified and specially trained team that includes critical care nurses, licensed respiratory therapists, and rehabilitation professionals. The pulmonologist meets weekly with the interdisciplinary team to formally review each resident’s medical, social, and psychological process and plan accordingly.

A 4-Star Rated Facility

Our Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center achieved a 4-star rating on the nurse staffing measure on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Nursing Home Compare website due to the very high nurse to patient ratio on this unit. The CMS study found a clear correlation between nurse staffing ratios and quality of care.