Allied Services is committed to supporting the health, independence and quality of life of its patients and residents. Skilled nursing – specifically, rehabilitation care provided alongside expert round-the-clock nursing care – may be necessary for individuals who have suffered an injury or illness and cannot live safely at home or at an assisted living facility. These individuals require attentive care from a team of skilled clinicians including nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists.

Our skilled nursing facilities provide comprehensive care for both short-term and long-term patients. For many patients, it will serve as a transition program rehabilitation them for their return home with home health or outpatient services as appropriate.

Patients at our Skilled Nursing facilities in Luzerne and Lackawanna County may have access to the following rehabilitation and nursing programs as appropriate:

Long-term care:

designed to meet the changing physical, emotional and social needs of long-term residents

Short-term rehab:

intensive, 24-hour nursing and therapy services to support the goal of returning home

Respiratory care:

a dedicated, 24-hour ventilator unit equipped with cutting edge respiratory technology is available in our 26 Scranton facility

Short-term pulmonary rehab:

specifically designed to help patients manage and minimize the effects of pulmonary disease

Memory care:

specialized care for the treatment of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other senior dementias. Care is provided in a customized setting to provide the highest quality of life.

Nursing services:

including restorative nursing, wound care, dementia nursing and rehabilitation nursing

Rehabilitation programs:

credentialed therapists provide rehabilitation programs including physical, speech and occupational therapy for a wide variety of disorders and injury needs

Recreational therapy:

individualized programs designed to enhance the physical, mental and spiritual wellness of patients

Social Services:

our social services departments will liaise with family members and patients to ensure that care, goals and needs align

Dietary Services:

our dietitians and dietary departments work hand-in-hand to provide nutritionally balanced meals that appeal to the diverse needs of patients

Remote Patient Monitoring

Allied Services now offers Somatix SafeBeing™. This remote patient monitoring platform offers patients, families, caregivers, and our staff peace of mind thanks to emergency alerts and data-driven decision making tools. Learn more about how Somatix SafeBeing™ can help patients and residents here.

Start My Referral:

Start the referral process by contacting our admissions office. Referrals can be made online, phone, fax, or email. Our admissions team can begin the admission process within 24 hours of receiving a referral. We offer this service free of charge and often serve as the referring facility’s primary educator and resource for family services. Call Scranton at 570-348-1215 or Wilkes-Barre at 570-826-1031 or 570-826-6131.
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