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Speech Therapy

Individualized Programs for Speech & Swallowing Disorders

Difficulty speaking or swallowing is not an unusual problem for children or adults who have been injured or afflicted with certain types of medical conditions, such as a stroke. Speech therapists at Allied Services Integrated Health System create individualized programs for each patient designed to help them overcome difficulties with speaking or swallowing.

Speech therapists can help patients who are dealing with:

  • Lisps
  • Stuttering
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Dysphagia/oral feeding disorders
  • Auditory processing disorder
  • Voice disorders
  • Expressive disorders
  • Cognitive-communication disorders

What You Should Know About Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPS)

Speech-language pathologist is the professional term for a speech therapist. These are highly trained medical specialists who focus on communication, cognition, and development. SLPS can work with patients of any age. They typically work with patients one-on-one to develop personalized treatments plans. However, patients may also participate in a group program guided by an SLP.

The primary interventions used by SLPS include:

  • Language intervention activities – These activities engage the patient with games, books, or other activities designed to stimulate language development. Patients may also participate in vocabulary and grammar exercises.
  • Articulation therapy – Some words are harder to say than others. In this therapy, SLPs mouth out words that the patient is having trouble speaking out loud. Patients learn how to physically create the sound with their mouths so that they can have an easier time saying it out loud.
  • Feeding and swallowing therapy – These treatments are for patients who are having trouble swallowing or using their mouth. Patients learn exercises that help strengthen the muscles in their throat and mouth.

Family Involvement

Overcoming a speech disorder is easier when you have a support system. At Allied Services Integrated Health System, our SLPs help patients and their families/support team learn new strategies for overcoming these problems. It is important to remain positive and stay motivated. Treating a speech disorder can take time, but with dedicated help from a knowledgeable team, patients can see significant results.

Begin Your Recovery Journey Today

Getting physical therapy at our Rehab Centers is hassle-free. With Direct Access, you can begin without needing a referral, which means you won't have to go through the expense and inconvenience of seeing another physician for a referral.

To find a nearby Rehab Center, please refer to the Locations section or contact us at 570-348-1360 (Scranton) or 570-826-3900 (Wilkes-Barr).

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