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Treatment for Back and Neck Pain in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre

Helping You Live Life More Comfortably

At Allied Services Integrated Health System, we understand the physical and emotional toll that back and neck pain can have on your daily life. Our team of experienced medical professionals are highly trained in treating common conditions related to back and neck pain, such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, whiplash, scoliosis, and more.

Schroth Method

The goal of the Schroth Method is to de-rotate, elongate, and stabilize the spine in a three-dimensional plane. This treatment approach can be used to treat scoliosis patients of all ages, alongside bracing or surgical correction. The Schroth Method is a personalized physical therapy regimen that can only be directed and supervised by a Schroth-certified physical therapist.

McKenzie Method

A uniquely designed therapy method that prioritizes patient education and active participation, the McKenzie Method involves three main concepts: assessment, treatment, and prevention. A personalized treatment plan will be designed for you and your unique needs, consisting of a series of different exercises that target each symptom.

Mulligan Technique

A ground-breaking therapy technique created by Brian Mulligan, this approach is based on the standard that patients should not endure pain during therapy, and that results should be immediate. Through the application of gradual mobilization of the joints, extremities, and ribs, function can be comfortably restored. The Mulligan Technique combines both the tools and knowledge of the therapist with the active participation of the patient, in order to enhance movement and reduce pain quickly and effectively.

Strain/Counter Strain Techniques

First developed by Dr. Lawrence Jones, this approach identifies the tender points in the back to restore pain-free movement. Strain and counter strain techniques not only decrease the aching twinges of back pain, but also re-positions the muscles to prevent future discomfort.

Spinal Stabilization

Spinal stabilization is an essential technique used to decrease post-surgery back pain. By applying a group of exercises that build the abdominal muscles and deep back muscles, the spine becomes stabilized and discomfort should cease.

Meeks Method

The Meeks Method was created by physical therapist Sarah Meeks, designed to aid in the treatment of osteoporosis and restore posture throughout the aging process. By applying twelve easy steps, this therapy technique can dramatically enhance the life of patients living with osteoporosis.

Work Readiness

Work readiness consists of a series of different simulations of the work environment. Individualized to each patient’s different career requirements, work readiness prepares a person for the constant motions that would be a part of their work life, therefore getting the body ready for the repeated motions. This program is not to be confused with work hardening – work readiness is not a simulation of an actual workday, but rather a simulation of the daily tasks a person must perform on the job.

Aquatic Therapy

Our aquatic therapy program in Wilkes-Barre provides comprehensive rehabilitative care to patients in a warm water pool. An experienced team of physical therapists and spinal cord injury physical therapy assistants utilize hydraulic properties to help enhance and restore a patient’s functional abilities. Performing exercises in a pool decreases strain on the bones and muscles while increasing balance and coordination.

What Sets Allied Services Apart from Other Medical Facilities?

When you come to us for treatment, we take the time to get to know your needs and develop a customized plan that’s tailored to provide relief for your unique symptoms. We utilize a variety of treatment techniques, such as physical therapy and corrective exercises, all designed to reduce your pain and improve your mobility.

Our goal is not only to alleviate your discomfort, but to also help you find a long-term solution that helps you lead an active and healthy life without the limitations of back and neck pain.

Your provider may recommend any combination of the following for your treatment plan:

  • Physical therapy: This approach can help reduce inflammation and improve muscle strength, flexibility, and range of motion.
  • Corrective exercises: Targeted exercises are tailored to a patient's condition, which helps strengthen muscles surrounding the area affected by injury or illness. These focus on improved mobility and lessened discomfort.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you are experiencing back or neck pain, contact us today for a consultation to see which treatment methods would be best for your specific needs. Our team of experienced medical professionals is here to help you find the relief that you deserve.

Receiving physical therapy at one of our conveniently located Rehab Centers is simple. With Direct Access, you don't need a referral. You can start without the expense and inconvenience of another physician’s appointment and referral.

To find a nearby Rehab Center, please refer to the Locations section or contact us at 570-348-1360.

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