Safeguard your Independence: take the Mobility Test

Safeguard your Independence: take the Mobility Test

Have you had any incidents of nearly falling in the last year? Do you have difficulty standing up from a seated position? Do you feel uncomfortable being home alone? Have you noticed yourself avoiding certain activities? If you answer YES to any, you may be at risk of falls, injury, and loss of independence.

The good news is that physical therapy is a proven, natural, and safe way to improve your mobility, strength, and balance, and a benefit covered by most insurance.

Physical therapists are movement experts experienced in assisting people of all ages and abilities in living and moving better and with less pain. We deliver personalized exercise and strengthening programs that target your specific challenges and make life safer and more enjoyable.

Take the Mobility Test

A proactive approach to fitness and mobility will help to safeguard your independence and protect you from falls and other injuries. So let's get started by determining your mobility level. This free, simple, at-home test will measure your mobility level.

If you need assistance will daily activities or moving around your home, ask a family member to assist you with the test. If you have questions about the test or would like to request a free, in-person evaluation at one of our local rehab centers:

Once you have completed the mobility test, one of our physical therapy team members will contact you. They will discuss the confidential results of the test and share personalized recommendations for your mobility and well-being.