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Allied Services Employee Recognized for as a Direct Care Champion

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Allied Services Employee Recognized for as a Direct Care Champion

Allied Services is proud to announce that Jean Ann Lance, an Allied Services employee, has been recognized as a Direct Care Champion by the Lackawanna and Susquehanna County Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities/Early Intervention Program.

Jean Ann Lance began her career at Allied Services in 2001, serving individuals with significant intellectual, medical, physical, and behavioral challenges. Today, she is a senior staff member in the Developmental Services Division and acts as a role model to all new and existing caregivers.

"Jean embodies the proficiencies necessary to truly stand out among peers in the DSP caregiving community, both at Allied Services and beyond, and to the DSP profession itself," says Michael Killeen, Assistant Vice President, Developmental Services Division.

"On a daily basis, Jean arrives for her duties exuding an air of integrity, compassion, and respect for the most vulnerable and complicated consumers served by our Developmental Services Division. These individuals require intense supports and Jean has never turned down an opportunity to provide high-quality supports to the most challenging on any given day. Jean goes about her duties guided by a value system that embraces dignity and respect for all during the most intimate and personal care needs for those served in this demanding setting."

"Jean’s demeanor is admirable. She is affable, approachable, encouraging to others, and leads by example. She is considerate of the feelings of all individuals receiving services and strives to promote their independence in all scenarios. The care provided in our residential facilities for adults with disabilities encompasses a wide array of adaptive technology: lifts, specialized showers and bathing units, medical interventions, wheelchairs, tube feeds, ostomies, and more. Jean looks beyond the intellectual and physical struggles of others and employs an approach that is readily identifiable as “Everyday Life” worthy. She truly embraces all individuals with “The Golden Rule” in mind and emulates this approach for her peers, be they twenty-year employees or newly hired caregivers."

Speaking about Jean Ann, Patrick Quinn, Assistant Director of Developmental Services said "A direct reflection of Jean’s leadership, skill set, and embodiment of the finest characteristics of a Direct Support Professional “champion” is the fact that Jean is called upon as the “go-to” person to greet new hires at regular intervals for orientation classes. Jean’s role with new hires is to share what drives her to provide the high level of respectful supports she offers, what keeps her in this profession, what a good day and a “not so good” day look like, and how she has come to love all those who she supports. It is Jean’s impeccable reputation that has earned her the responsibility of representing the rank and file of Allied Services Direct Service Professionals in this task."