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Careers in Focus: Mental Health

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Careers in Focus: Mental Health

What is mental health? It’s a term we hear quite often and it refers to not only our psychological well-being but our emotional and social well-being too. Our mental health affects how we think and feel - how we handle stress, make choices, and relate to others. A mental illness can include many different conditions ranging from mild to severe and for some, those symptoms can cause high levels of distress and even functional impairment.

Through some research, you will find that there are support programs available for those struggling with their mental health. The Behavioral Health Program at Allied Services has a variety of services that can help individuals become re-acquainted with social, economic, cultural, and recreational resources in the community to more easily attain independent lifestyles.

Through a program known as Community Residential Rehabilitation (CRR) Allied Services offers a home-like atmosphere and strong sense of community that helps residents develop relationships and improve life skills. With the help of mental health workers like Natoreus Geter, residents receive support with their daily activities.

“Growing up I always wanted to help people and the best way I thought I could do that was working in healthcare. I thought about being a doctor or nurse, or even an aide, but none of those seemed to fit.”

“When I found out about the Mental Health Worker position at Allied I was immediately interested. Seeing the importance mental health has had in my own family made me want to learn more and try it out.”

So what exactly does a mental health worker do and how do you become one?

For mental health workers like Natoreus, there is no special degree that is required or even previous experience.

“All you need is some kindness in your heart and willingness to help others, and they teach you the rest,” said Natoreus.

Mental health workers are trained to help teach residents appropriate activities of daily living and implement specified individual service plans developed by the residential rehabilitation team. Mental health workers serve as a resource for participants learning to orient and integrate themselves with the community around them.

“At first, it took some getting used to and I had to establish a relationship of trust with the residents. After showing them the respect they deserve, I quickly got to the point where we could work together on anything.”

“Now, some residents want to talk to me instead of their doctor. I always encourage them to share with their doctor, but we all need someone we feel comfortable talking to. If they give me permission, I will share it with their doctor on their behalf. Sometimes they just feel more comfortable talking to me and I’m glad I can be a voice for them when needed.”

“We do get to have fun too. We’ve been to places like Knoebels, and if the residents want to go somewhere like the mall or the movies and they request company, I go with them. I love spending time with them and being there for them.”

Through his work at Allied Services, Natoreous collaborates not only with his co-workers but with a wide range of professionals in the health care and human services area. All the facets of his career help to improve the quality of life for the residents and will also help Natoreus grow in his career.

“If you’re passionate about helping people, definitely consider becoming a mental health worker. I’m glad I did.”

Careers in Mental Health

The Behavioral Health Division helps individuals become re-acquainted with social, economic, cultural, recreational, and other resources in the community to more easily attain independent lifestyles. No experience required, on-the-job training provided. High school diploma or equivalent and valid driver’s license required. You'll enjoy

  • Sign-on bonuses up to $1,000
  • Paid on-the-job training
  • Competitive rates and generous benefits
  • No-cost college education

To learn more:

Allied Services offers competitive pay rates commensurate with experience plus shift differential, excellent benefits package, preceptor-led orientation! Allied Services Human Resources Department, 100 Abington Exec. Park, Clarks Summit PA 18411. Call us today at 1-800-368-3910. Allied Services is an equal opportunity employer of individuals with disabilities. Bilingual individuals encouraged to apply.