Lakeland Seniors support Parkinson’s programs at Allied Services

Lakeland Seniors support Parkinson’s programs at Allied Services

As part of a project for their Biomedical Innovation class, Mackenzie Wagner and Rachael Battle organized a Parkinson’s Awareness Walk at Lakeland High School in mid-April. The inspiration for the project came from Wagner, whose grandfather William Wagner recently passed away after a long battle with the disease.   

“Our goal was to educate people about Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and raise money to support programs like the ones at Allied that my 'Papa' used that are helping patients with the disease” noted Wagner.  

Posters with facts about PD were hung around the track at the high school to educate walkers and a raffle was also held to raise additional funds. In the end, the two seniors were successful having raised $2,000 to donate to Parkinson’s programs at Allied Services.  

Learn more about Parkinson's Disease care at Allied Services.

Photo ID from left: Nellie Shiver, Teacher, Lakeland High School; Carol Wagner, grandmother; Rachel Battle, Senior, Lakeland High School; Mackenzie Wagner, Senior, Lakeland High School; Dr. Leslie Ritter, Physical Therapist, Allied Services.