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3 Common Myths about Palliative Care

3 Common Myths about Palliative Care

Palliative care is a relatively new specialty and one that is widely misunderstood. Dispelling some of the most common myths can help people to understood how and when this level of care can benefit them or a loved one.

Myth #1: Palliative care is only for people who are dying.

Many people fear that a palliative care referral means that their doctor has given up on them. In fact, palliative care is specialized medical and emotional support designed to help people cope with the challenges of living with a serious illness. It goes hand-in-hand with treatment for your disease and can help you to manage the symptoms of your illness and treatments so that you can start enjoying life again.

Myth #2: Palliative is just another name for hospice care.

Hospice care and palliative care have a lot in common. They focus on easing symptoms, provide emotional and medical support, and support quality of life. However, not all palliative care is hospice care. Palliative care can be given to patients who still have many years to live, including those who may recover from their illness. Hospice care is specific care provided when someone is expected to have six months or less to live.

Myth #3: Palliative care is only provided in a hospital.

Palliative care in fact can be provided wherever the patient lives. That means that you can receive palliative care at home, in a skilled nursing center, personal care home, hospice or hospital.

Living with a serious illness can be challenging for both patients and families. There can be confusion about complex medical decisions, concerns for the future, uncontrolled symptoms and frequent trips to the emergency room. Allied Services Community Based Palliative Care Program is here to provide an extra layer of support as you navigate life with chronic illness. We help to restore quality of life for both patient and family through a detailed assessment, communication and coordination of care.

Still unclear on what palliative care is? Click here or download this leaflet to learn more.