When Independent Living is the Right Choice

When Independent Living is the Right Choice

When Independent Living is the Right Choice

As we age, we continue to face big life decisions. One of those is where to live. Perhaps our spouse has passed away and we find ourselves alone more and more of the time? Perhaps our health is declining or we just don’t have the energy or interest in maintaining a large home or garden? Perhaps our loved ones are concerned about us falling and injuring ourselves with no one around to help? Maybe we can’t afford to heat and maintain a large home any longer?

Having the conversation about moving to a facility or community can be hard and we are reluctant to acknowledge the uncomfortable reality that we need help. However, argues Sherry Sabecky, Director of Allied Services Center City Apartments, opening ourselves up to the possibilities of community living can be more rewarding than we expect.

Independent living communities like ours can be a good choice for a lot of different people” notes Sherry. “Seniors now have a lot more options when it comes to choosing how they want to live. And more and more seniors are choosing independent living facilities because of their flexibility. If you’re seeking friendship, you’ll find a ready-made community. If you prefer pursuing a hobby in your own time, you have the privacy and freedom to do that.”

Why choose Independent Living?

Independent living communities are designed specifically for the needs of their residents. They allow you to maintain your independence: you’re free to come and go as you please, pursue your hobbies and enjoy your own, private space. They remove many of the burdens and worries of home ownership and give you access to services that you may need as you age.

“Choosing to move to an independent living community doesn’t mean that you have to lose everything you know” says Sherry. “Instead of worrying about a leaky roof or making sure the snow is cleared in front of your house, you can focus on the things you enjoy the most: going to see a movie with a friend; attending your grand daughter’s wedding; shopping at your favorite store.” 

Not convinced?

5 reasons to consider Independent Living

  1. Convenience: Many independent living communities come with the kinds of amenities that can make your life easier. Don’t feel like cooking? You can have all of your meals prepared for you. Perhaps you need help getting to your doctor’s appointment? You can enjoy courtesy transportation.
  2. Social Opportunities: One of the most obvious advantages of community living is just that – you’re part of a ready-made community. Independent living communities offer opportunities to spend time with people who share your hobbies. Whether you take advantage of organized activities or simply enjoy the companionship of your new neighbor, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to be part of a thriving community.
  3. Safety: As we age, we face a number of threats to our safety. Mobility issues or hearing loss may mean we are more at risk in the case of a fire. Family members may worry about us being exposed to scams or worry about us falling with no one around to help us. Independent living communities provide an extra layer of safety and security.
  4. Cost: Independent Living can be expensive. You’ll need to compare facilities and explore what’s included. However, one bonus of joining an independent living community is freedom from unexpected house repairs, and fluctuating heating and food costs. In many communities, the amenities are all-inclusive, making it easier for you to manage your expenses.
  5. Peace of Mind: Many senior communities offer a continuum of care which includes independent living, personal care and skilled nursing. This can give residents and their family peace of mind knowing that they can transition to another level of care without a big upheaval if the need arises.

“Whether you prefer not to worry about household maintenance and repairs or you’re looking for like-minded people to share your hobbies with, an independent living community could be a very good choice” comments Sherry.

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