Peggy Panzarello celebrates a century this week

Peggy Panzarello celebrates a century this week


Lifelong Wilkes-Barre resident Margaret “Peggy” Panzarello will turn 100 on Thursday, April 16.

Earlier this year, her four daughters had all been planning to gather around and celebrate their mother’s big day with her at Allied Services Meade Street Skilled Nursing Center, formerly known as Little Flower Manor.

Diane would have come in from Virginia. Marguerite would have come up from Florida, and Jo Ann would have come from Georgia. Daughter Maureen lives in Wilkes-Barre, so her journey wouldn’t have been far at all.

But, a few weeks ago, because of coronavirus concerns, the family knew the get-together wouldn’t happen after all.

So Peggy’s granddaughter, Robyn Synder, sent out a message to Wilkes-Barre’s St. Nicholas Church, where Peggy used to sing in the choir, at one time worked in the office, and is still a member of the parish.

Many good wishes are undoubtedly on their way through the mail to Peggy — a lady who was so friendly and outgoing that people often called her “the mayor” — and here’s a sample of some of the many messages that have been posted on Facebook:

“Happy birthday, Mrs. Panzarello,” wrote Tracy Ann Carney, is a friend of Robyn’s. “I’m so glad you got to sing with the choir when we were there. I always remember you swimming with me and Robyn.”

“I can attest to the fact that she still sings with that wonderful voice of hers,” Frank Ferriero wrote. “Since my mother-in-law passed, I miss seeing and hearing Peggy.”

“Yayyyyy Mrs. Panzarello!’ Mary Ellen Konetski wrote.

“Happy birthday, Peggy,” Thorwald Holmgren wrote. “Wonderful accomplishment. Enjoy”

“Celebrate with all the joy of Easter,” Joan Schiffhauet added.

“Happy birthday, Peggy!” Bethann Geiser wrote. “100 is terrific to celebrate and I’m so honored to know you.”

“Happy birthday to you, Peggy,” Liz Saukulyak wrote. “Have a wonderful day!”

“Happy birthday, Peggy!” wrote Vicky Altoe Hunzer. “Congrats on reaching 100 years.”

“You are so lucky,” Carol Claherty added. “My mom died when she was 68.”