LORI ASHMAN-WILLIAMS, Jefferson Twp, Team Member 2019

LORI ASHMAN-WILLIAMS, Jefferson Twp, Team Member 2019

Lori Ashman-Williams has a passion for making people feel better. She was first inspired by her grandfather. He had had a stroke when Lori was in middle school. She would often spend time helping him walk and using his arm. Lori began her journey into the therapy world in 1980s.

After graduating from Utica College, Lori worked as an occupational therapist for nine years at Allied Services and also in the Pittsburgh Area. It was in the Steel City where she also enhanced her knowledge by pursuing a degree in physical therapy. Lori is obsessed with learning new treatments. She has also earned a certification in Integrative Manual Therapy and Lymphedema.

Lori has been a part of the Allied Services family for more than three decades. She has seen firsthand the impact that cutting-edge rehabilitation technology has had on the thousands of patients she and her co-workers have treated in more than 30 years with Allied. She’s excited to be a part of this year’s campaign. She once trained for the Pittsburgh Marathon back in PT school only to be sidelined by mono. Her goal has been to run at least one marathon in her lifetime.

Lori’s mission is to represent all of Allied’s outpatient clinics. Lori is motivated, inspired, and excited to run this year‘s marathon in honor of all of the current and former patients who strive everyday to overcome their own personal challenges. Allied’s outpatient clinicians have treated many individuals over the years with great outcomes and she’s excited to represent them in WNEP’s Team Allied Services. Lori understands the everyday struggle the patients of Allied face. Lori believes that by running on the Team Allied Services team, it’s a small accomplishment compared to the massive challenges her patients have overcome. Lori is confident she’ll achieve her fundraising goals through the support of her colleagues and friends.

All of her former patients have worked relentlessly to accomplish new goals. Their passion in therapy is the meaning behind Lori’s miles in Team Allied Services 2019.

To support Lori's efforts visit her fundraising page.