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Evie's story | Team Allied Services and You

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Evie's story | Team Allied Services and You


Newswatch 16's Melissa Steininger introduces us to Evie, who, through the help of Allied Services, is taking on life's biggest strides.

At just 8 years old, Evelyn Dixon is full of personality that shines on the stage and throughout every part of her life.

"She's a spitfire, and she always has been," said Evie's mom Allasondra Dixon. "I think that's part of the reason why she is doing as well as she is."

But for Evie, the smallest steps have become the biggest strides.

"I always have that thought in the back of my mind, almost waiting for the other shoe to drop. Because we were always told the things she was doing was never going to be a possibility. This shouldn't be happening."

Allasondra was given her daughter's diagnosis at just 19 weeks pregnant. She was told Evie would be born with spina bifida, a condition that affects the spinal cord.

"My first concern was her. What do we need to do to make sure she's safe? What is her life going to look like? And that was terrifying."

Doctors couldn't give answers about how severe Evie's condition would be. But it's left her paralyzed in her ankles and feet and impacts a number of her organs.

In just her short eight years, Evie's gone through nine surgeries.

"There are a few different types of spina bifida, and Evie's is called myelomeningocele. So, it's unfortunately the worst form of spina bifida, meaning the spinal cord and the nerves actually grow outside of the body with no protection."

Despite that, at 16 months old, Evie began to walk on her own. Those first tiny steps were some of the biggest of her life.

"She let go of the couch and walked straight to me as if it were no big deal," Allasondra recalled.

She's continued to defy the odds with the help of the Allied Services pediatric department. She's been receiving therapy every week since she was 3 years old, growing alongside her therapist, Janine Kane, who has become more like family over the years.

"Janine has grown with her as well, so if she sees anything of concern, if she's 'Oh, we're outgrowing braces,' or 'I think we should try this,' it's always the constant."

Together, the two have made strides doctors never thought possible.

"She seems to really embrace her differences and keeps pushing forward. She keeps surprising people every day," Janine Kane said.

It's through the work of Allied Services that Evie continues to run around the softball field and dance her way through life.

"I feel like she's empowered to do the things she does. She doesn't feel scared because she knows what her body is capable of because of what she learned here," Allasondra said.

Evie's mom says that proves that even the smallest steps will never stop Evie from life's biggest strides.

"They say it takes a village, and it honest to goodness does. And we're so grateful for the village we have here at Allied."

And Evie's not slowing down anytime soon.

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