KRISTIN SEIDEL, Pocono Lake, Team Member 2019

KRISTIN SEIDEL, Pocono Lake, Team Member 2019

Allied Services is very close to my heart because my daughter Alexandra was a patient of the rehab services for over two years. I am so grateful for the dedicated services Alexandra received while in treatment and hope I can repay the favor through this campaign.

Hailing from a small town in the Pocono’s called Pocono Lake, wife and mom of three, Kristin Seidel, will be taking on the streets of New York in the TCS New York City Marathon this November 3rd. Kristin has a love of running and enjoys how her passion for the sport has turned into a way that the whole family can spend more time together while staying healthy and connected to their community.

Kristin is running in honor of her daughter Alexandra (Alli). In 2011, at the age of three, Alli was diagnosed with a visual motor impairment. Children with visual-motor impairment will typically have difficulty using feedback from their eyes to coordinate the movement of other parts of their body. For instance, a child may bump into objects while walking or have trouble keeping their writing in between lines or margins.

For more than two years, Alli received vision therapy at Heinz Rehab Hospital in Wilkes-Barre. With the help of Allied Services, their dedicated therapists, and support services, Alli’s vision has made drastic improvements.

Kristin and her husband, Nick, are grateful for the care their daughter received at Allied Services and welcomed the opportunity to achieve a personal milestone together - running the TCS New York City Marathon - while raising funds and awareness for an organization that holds a special place in their hearts.

To support Kristin visit her fundraising page.