JACLYN HUDACEK, Moosic, PA, Team Member 2017 & 2019

JACLYN HUDACEK, Moosic, PA, Team Member 2017 & 2019

I am a previous member of the Team Allied Services 8 team, and this year’s marathon will make lucky #3! I am proud to represent Allied Services , once again, as a member of WNEP’s Team Allied Services 10 team, which continues to benefit our loved ones, neighbors, and friends in our community.

On November 3, Jaclyn Hudacek will run the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon. This will be the second time that this star employee of Allied Services has run the marathon to benefit the patients she serves.
“As a physical therapist for this great organization, I am blessed with the opportunity to experience the benefits that Team Allied Services has provided to my patient’s first hand, on a daily basis. New technology assists our patients all throughout various stages of rehabilitation ranging from traumatic accidents, strokes, spinal cord injuries, and to those living with dementia.”

Jaclyn is proud to be running in honor of Dorothy Wangberg. She is 101 years young and a resident at Allied Services Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center. Jaclyn chose to run in honor of Dorothy, a resident who is member of the Allied Services family and who chooses to call Allied Services home. Because of Dorothy’s rehabilitation at Allied Services she is still able to live a life she loves. She frequently visits with her family, get her nails done, and even recently attended a family wedding in which was the “flower girl.”

Jaclyn has the goal of celebrating this year’s campaign with 102 donors. One for each of Dorothy’s 101 years of life (plus one for good luck). She invites you to help her continue to make a lasting impression in our patients lives. She says “Allied Services is more than just miracles in rehab, it’s also home.”

If you would like to support Jaclyn, please visit her fundraising page.