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Living well with Parkinson's Disease

Living well with Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive neurologic disorder. It affects motor planning and cognitive regions in the brain. Individuals with Parkinson’s disease may experience difficulty with:

• walking, turning, rolling, and getting out of a chair
• everyday tasks such as dressing, eating, and writing
• projecting their voice, being heard, swallowing, and thinking

Research shows that targeted exercise combined with medication slows the motor deterioration associated with Parkinson’s disease. Allied Services offers multiple Parkinson’s-specific therapy options, including Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery®.

Introducing Parkinson Wellness Recovery® 

Parkinson Wellness Recovery® (PWR!) is a research-based Parkinson’s specific treatment approach that targets the multiple motor, sensory, cognitive and emotional symptoms of Parkinson Disease.

PWR!Moves® are dynamic, functional exercises that target the specific deficits that affect normal mobility in Parkinson’s. PWR!Moves® help you mitigate symptoms and rebuild functionality, no matter how you incorporate them into your life. 

PWR!Moves® Therapy

PWR!Moves® Therapy is an individualized, functional skill retraining program that targets the four motor control skills shown to deteriorate and adversely affect everyday movement for people with Parkinson’s. PWR!Moves® Certified Therapists implement comprehensive PD-specific functional skill training interventions. They provide consultative, proactive, restorative and skilled maintenance services with the goal to put off functional decline across disease severity.

PWR!Moves® therapists can address your personal goals and needs, create task-specific activities to target gait, agility, strength, ADLs, freezing, dexterity, posture, and more, and create a personalized exercise prescription. Learn more about PWR here.

PWR!Moves Exercise Classes

PWR!Moves exercise classes keep you moving and doing more of what you want to do! As you practice, you will be challenged physically and cognitively while working on fitness goals. Exercises are designed to improve your fitness, counteract your PD symptoms and increase your daily activity. 

This whole-body, function-focused exercise class will push you to do more than you think you can in a fun, empowering, and enriching environment.
Participating in PWR!Moves® fitness and yoga classes can help improve: strength; balance; agility; aerobics; flexibility; 

PWR!Moves at Allied Services

Allied Services is home to many PWR!Moves Certified Therapists with experience in treating Parkinson's Disease.