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Sister Christine: Allied Services gave me my life back

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Sister Christine: Allied Services gave me my life back

“I owe my gratitude to Allied for giving me back my life and keeping my quality of life intact” Sr. Christine K.

In 2015, Sister Christine of Carbondale underwent a total hip replacement. She recovered from her hip replacement and had no complaints until about 4 years after surgery.

“I just started noticing that things weren’t quite right and it started getting harder to walk”, said Sister Christine.

While the risk of complications from hip replacement surgery are low, certain issues can happen such as bone fracturing and nerve damage. In 2019, Sister Christine suffered a fractured femur which required reconstructive surgery. Around the same time, she underwent multiple surgeries on her hips to help correct her existing complications.

Later, she was diagnosed with femoral nerve damage that was causing partial paralysis in her leg. Typically, femoral nerve damage, or nerve damage in your femur, is caused by some type of bone fracture. Symptoms can include numbness, weakness, impaired function, and even paralysis. Although this sounds alarming, it is treatable and patients can make a full recovery.

Sister Christine returned home after her surgeries and received physical therapy in her home. She was then recommended to continue therapy in a formal gym setting. That’s when she found Allied Services.

“I figured that I’d try Allied Services, and I was surprised that there was a clinic right in Carbondale so close to home. Once I started going, I was paired with Ann (Ann Gorham, PT, DPT). She was just wonderful!”

“At first it was hard and I found myself wondering if I would be in this bad of shape forever. Ann helped me by alternating my treatments and by making things progressively more challenging. I always felt that her instructions were well explained, and we celebrated my small goals. She always encouraged me.”

Ann worked with Sister Christine for over a year and a half, until the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted their physical therapy sessions. Not easily deterred, Sister Christine found at-home exercises to do to keep up with her treatment.

“COVID stopped me from going to physical therapy, but that didn’t stop me from meeting my goals. Ann would routinely call to check in on me and was with me every step of the way. I never felt alone.”

Now finished with therapy, Sister Christine has regained full functionality of her leg. While things aren’t entirely how they used to be, she is happy to be able to work and get back to her life.

Occasionally, she goes for checkups at the Carbondale clinic. When going, she listens to the new patients and offers them advice.

“I feel like a cheerleader! I always hear a new patient talking about the same negative thoughts that I used to have, and I always talk to them. My advice is to listen to what your therapist has to say, and most importantly, stick with it!”

“Because of Allied Services, my paralysis was healed and my quality of life got so much better. I truly feel that Allied Services gave me back my life.”

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