Joey S.

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One day Joey S. was driving home to Harvey’s lake but didn’t feel quite right. His left arm was pulling, which made it difficult for him to stay in his lane. He made it home, driving with only his right arm. When he opened the car door, his left leg was numb and he fell out of the car into the driveway.

Joey waited helplessly for a half hour until his wife came home. She recognized the symptoms as a stroke and called an ambulance. Doctors determined that a blood vessel had leaked. Joey was in intensive care for seven days, during which time he mostly slept.

When he was released, Joey went to Heinz Rehab Hospital in Wilkes-Barre for 21 days. His physical therapist, Neil Hunsinger, got him right on track. He also had occupational and speech therapy at Heinz. Joey was tired but pushed himself to do twice as much as he thought he could.

When Joey was discharged, Allied Home Health therapists continued his treatment. Although it was tiring, Joey kept pushing himself. Then Joey had eight weeks of outpatient therapy at Heinz Rehab Dallas. His speech got very good. One of his friends was also a speech therapist and helped him with drills.

Getting his speech back was critical to Joey, as he works in the broadcast industry. As the marketing director for Susquehanna Broadcasting, he works in commercials and shows, both in television and radio.

Joey finds it a challenge to do the exercises he needs to so he can maintain his strength and regain more function. He’s busy with his own work, as well as helping his wife with her business. But he is confident he will be able to achieve his goal. As a ballroom dance instructor at Irem Temple Country Club, Joey thought of a way to make therapy fun. He taught his therapist some ballroom dance steps so they could practice as part of his therapy. He laughs that while he threw her for a loop, she did a great job.

Joey credits the therapists at Allied for his recovery. The time they took with him and their willingness to participate made all the difference. He said at each session they started fresh and were determined to help him regain more function.

When asked what his dreams are for the future, Joey says, “I would like to fly upside down again! It’s so much fun!” A commercial pilot, Joey has to reestablish his license to get back to his favorite hobby. He still has problems with his memory so it will be another challenge, but this seventy year old is more than ready to take it on.

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