Florence K.

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On April 21st, Florence K. fell and broke her femur. An ambulance rushed her to Geisinger Community Medical Center, where she underwent surgery to reset her leg. She hadn’t been admitted to a hospital since the birth of her daughter 50 years ago. “It was a shock to me,” she says.

Following surgery, she was referred to Allied Services Integrated Health System’s Scranton Rehab Hospital. As a first-time patient of Allied Services, Florence wasn’t sure what to expect. “I didn’t know what I was getting into,” she explains. Yet the rehab team “couldn’t have been nicer.”

During the next four weeks, Florence’s occupational therapists helped her rebuild her strength to complete daily tasks such as getting dressed and folding clothes. Her physical therapists helped her with activities that involved mobility, which included walking up and down steps. Regaining this ability was particularly helpful, since she needed to use steps again in order to navigate her house. With her therapists’ skills, knowledge and encouragement, she progressed from using a wheelchair to a walker, then from a walker to a cane.

At the end of May, Florence returned to home and family in Archbald. She lives with her husband, with whom she has a daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren. In her spare time, Florence enjoys being active in her church and often helps out with events such as picnics. She is moving much better thanks to her rehabilitation and currently only uses a cane to get around. Her goal is to be able to walk without a device; something she hopes to accomplish within a week or two.

“All I can say is the best about Allied,” she says. She speaks fondly of the Scranton Rehab Hospital’s nursing and therapy staff members who cared for her and helped her regain her independence. “The people were so pleasant there. They’re all good people.”