David H.

David H.

David H. only took two pills a day before he turned 75: one aspirin and one cholesterol pill. As a relatively healthy man from Plymouth, he felt he didn’t need to pay much attention to any public service announcement he saw on television. David remembers seeing the announcements that would warn viewers of the signs and symptoms of a stroke, but he never imagined it would apply to him. Then one Sunday morning in February 2019, as David was enjoying his coffee, he noticed his hand started to tremble.

David, remembering the public service announcements, suspected he was having a stroke. He discovered that his hand and foot were not working properly. He felt as though someone had nailed his foot to the floor.  When he tried to call for his wife, Irene, he noticed that his speech was slurred. These symptoms suggested to David that he was experiencing a stroke. He remembered the stroke awareness acronym F.A.S.T – Face, Arms, Speech, Time- and asked his wife to call 911.

Following hospitalization, David chose to rehabilitate at Heinz Rehab Hospital in Wilkes-Barre. From March 5 to 22 of this year, David worked with the stroke team at Heinz Rehab Hospital, focusing on occupational and physical therapy to help restore the function in his affected arm and foot. With the help of the stroke team and the support of his family, David made huge strides in his recovery.

His occupational therapist worked extensively with him to gain control over his movements, as well as helping him regain independence through dressing and feeding himself. His therapist used technological tools to help David use assistive grips for utensils, so that he could establish a better grip.  He has also noticed many improvements on the right side of his body and is grateful to his therapists who helped him regain function.

When David returned home, he chose to continue his recovery with the help of experienced nurses and therapists at Allied Services Home Health. Today, after much hard work, he can pick his foot up and walk with the assistance of a cane. As David turns 78, he has much to celebrate.

“I’m glad that I learned about the signs of a stroke, even without knowing it. Knowing what to look for and listening to my body enabled me to recognize what was happening and get help quickly.”

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