Bob Z.

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Since 2013, Eynon resident Bob Z. has volunteered for Allied Services Integrated Health System at the outpatient Luger Rehab Center in Scranton. He works in the lobby, where he greets visitors and sells snacks such as cookies and candy bars. The 74 year old retiree decided to volunteer his time because of the quality of care he received at Allied Services. “I felt inspired to do this,” he said, “because I was treated very well.”

Bob has used Allied’s outpatient services following each of his three operations: a left hip replacement in 2000, spinal stenosis surgery in 2004 and a right hip replacement in January of 2015. When the time came for his second hip replacement, he insisted on coming to Allied Services for his rehabilitation. Bob’s recovery began with home visits from an experienced Physical Therapist and Nurse, part of Allied Services top-ranked Home Health Division.

Within three weeks, Bob was strong enough to attend outpatient physical therapy at Allied’s Luger Rehab Center in Scranton. His therapists quickly helped him to regain his independence through exercises that stretch out his muscles and improve his flexibility and mobility.

Bob has noticed a significant difference between his two hip replacements, which took place 15 years apart. His first surgery, required 36 sutures and required a 5 day stay in the hospital. Following his second procedure in 2013, he was able to return home within 24 hours. The healing process for his second surgery was also much easier and less painful, due to advances in medicine and his therapists’ support and expertise.

Since regaining his mobility, Bob enjoys taking walks around the streets of his hometown. As a future goal, he wants to gain more stamina and distance while walking. His favorite hobbies include fishing and hunting. As he grows stronger, he looks forward to enjoying these pastimes again.

Bob is happy with his experiences with Allied Services—both as a volunteer and as a patient. “I am very, very thoroughly pleased with the services,” he said.