Bev S.

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Bev S. of Hunlock Creek, PA, is retired from her career as a secretary at Northeast Counseling. She and her husband Donald have three sons, and four grandchildren.

Bev knew of Allied Services through their neighbor, Tom Pugh, former Senior Vice President/COO. So when she needed a knee replacement due to arthritis, she felt confident going to Heinz Rehab Hospital for physical therapy. Very pleased with her progress by discharge, Bev came home walking without a cane.

Three years later, Bev needed her other knee replaced due to arthritis, which runs in her family. This recovery was much more painful and she spent a week as an inpatient. She remembers how nice the staff was to her, always making her feel like she was getting special treatment. She remembers when the dietary staff served her lobster on her birthday; she thought she was the only one. But at Heinz Rehab, lobster is served every second Friday.

After six weeks of outpatient treatment, Bev made dramatic progress. “After my surgery I was in so much pain. Within only six weeks, I was amazed at how well I was doing.” She credits the special attention she got at the hospital, both as an inpatient and an outpatient. She said choosing to go to Heinz Rehab made all the difference.

When Donald needed rehab for his shoulder, he also chose Allied Services. Having seen how quickly his wife recovered, he wanted to be treated by the same physical therapists.

“Donald and I feel wonderful, we’re both doing really well,” says Bev. “We would recommend Allied Services to anyone who needs rehab”.