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William O.

  • Author: William O.
  • Date Submitted: Sep 17, 2019

William B O'neilWilliam O. was a roofer from West Side in Scranton. He enjoyed the work and the feeling of purpose it gave him in his day to day life. One day in mid March 2019, Bill experienced a dizzy spell while working on a roof. He passed out and when he woke up he was on the ground. Bill had fallen 22 feet, breaking 6 ribs, his back, and shattering vertebrae. The next day, he underwent surgery. A complication of Bill’s fall was a “leaky lung” that needed to be fixed. Bill did not know how he landed but he was told there was extensive chord damage. The doctors told Bill he might never be able to walk again, at least not without assistance. Bill responded “yes I will.”

Almost two months after the fall, Bill was up and walking. Throughout his rehabilitation, he spent about two weeks using a walker and then another two using a crutch. His goal was to be completely mobile.

Bill’s wife, Monica, wanted to seek out the best care while keeping him close to home. When the hospital doctors asked her where she wanted him sent, she did some research and decided on Allied Services. In her research, Monica discovered that Allied Services had the same level of advanced care and technologies as New York and Philadelphia. However, Allied Services had the added benefit of being close to home. Monica was not sure what level of care Bill would need after leaving the hospital but she knew that Allied Services would help her husband reach his best level of recovery.

After leaving CMC Hospital, Bill spent 14 days in Allied Services Rehab Hospital. Since Allied Services Rehab Hospital is in the same building as the outpatient rehab center, it was an easier transition for Bill during his recovery.

Bill currently comes to outpatient therapy at Allied Services Luger Rehab Center. When Bill was first evaluated, he could take six unaided steps. Now, he can take 200+. His most recent accomplishment is being able to reach down and tie his own shoes. He has also regained about 90% of his feeling and is a long way from being told he would need adaptive assistance. His outlook, along with his team of medical professionals, shaped his road for recovery.

For Bill, the mind is a powerful tool. He was determined to walk again and be as mobile as possible. The 46 year old worked on exercises at home and in therapy, never allowing his progress to stop. Helping around the house, like being able to push the vacuum, is a big accomplishment for him. He loves spending time with his wife, Monica, and their four daughters: Alisa, Kaila, Julia, and Felicia. “I was fortunate” says Bill. His recovery has been a process and he does not take his “new normal” for granted. His next journey will be revisiting his neurologist to see if his doctor can determine why he fainted that day. However, everyone who has seen Bill progress is amazed with how far he has come. He is grateful for his therapists at Allied Services who are just as dedicated as he is to his recovery.

For more information on outpatient rehabilitation call 570.348.1360.