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Parents & Professionals is an informal network of northeastern PA families and clinicians collaborating to create new recreational, social skills and peer support opportunities for individuals with autism and their families. The group began in 2004, when Mr. Dolphus Teart, a parent and ASD family advocate, joined forces with Ms. Julie Miller, a speech pathologist on the staff of Allied Services Wilkes-Barre Rehab Center, Wilkes-Barre. Their common goal was to fill gaps in the continuum of services in Luzerne County and surrounding areas. Since that time, a core group of participating families, therapists, teachers and helpers have enjoyed recreational activities and social gatherings, day trips and information sessions. Past outings have included bus trips to the Philadelphia Zoo, Steamtown train excursions and tours, bowling dates and a summer “day camp” at Allied Services Wilkes-Barre Rehab Hospital. Participation has ranged from 175 to 200 persons, including ASD individuals, family members, therapists and teachers. Parents & Professionals will be celebrating its 5,000th served with its next event, since it’s inception in 2005.

Parents & Professionals’ goal is to supplement social and peer support opportunities for persons with ASD, their parents, teachers and therapists; and to welcome as many families as possible, without regard to their organizational affiliations or home communities. Past programs have drawn participants from a very large geographic area. In addition, many of the region’s service-provider organizations—schools, human service agencies, parent and advocacy groups—are represented at “Parents & Professionals” events.

Contributions from area businesses, friends and service organizations, and in-kind support from Allied Services Wilkes-Barre Rehab Center keep Parents & Professionals activities running. Participation and support have grown steadily each year.

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