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Finding a New Calling In Retirement: Robert’s Story

Finding a New Calling In Retirement: Robert’s Story

Many people cannot wait to reach retirement so they can kick up their feet and shut off the alarm clock. But for either financial or personal reasons, many choose to find a different line of work after retirement. For Robert C. of Moosic, it was a personal choice.

“I retired from Verizon. I was a sales and service rep for a long time, and as retirement was approaching, I started to think about what I would like to do after. I’m only 52 years old so I wanted to keep busy.”

“When I was thinking about all the things I could do I thought about my mother. She was a resident at another area senior living community - and when I used to visit her, I thought something in that area of work would be good. I liked interacting with the residents, but wasn’t looking for something that was all hands-on care.” After some internet searching, Robert came across a posting for a food service position at Allied Services Terrace. Located in Scranton, “The Terrace” is a personal care facility that offers a warm and friendly living environment for seniors who seek to maintain their independence but may require light medical and personal care. “I saw the job posted online and thought I would apply - and here I am! I’ve been here for about 8 months so far and I really like it!”

“It’s a nice change of pace from my old job. Verizon was a great job and I liked it, but sales and service was a very fast paced and intense day. I was ready to retire and change things up.”

“I like that here I’m on the move more here. Where before, I sat at a desk most of the day. At my age I need something that keeps me moving! (laughing)” “Each day I prepare the menus, and get ready to take orders. I help prepare the dining room for meals - place settings, filling water, etc. and then serve their meals. When the residents are all done, it starts all over again for lunch.”

Dining at the Terrace is considered “restaurant-style.” For each meal, residents can come to the dining room, choose from the menu options and the dietary staff brings each order to the table. The menu changes regularly to take advantage of fresh, seasonal ingredients. Having meals in the dining room gives residents a chance to enjoy time with their fellow residents and interact with staff.

“I enjoy talking with the residents. My day is pretty busy and it goes by pretty quick, so it gets hard to sit and carry-on a whole conversation, but I do enjoy listening to their stories and learning more about them.

Advice for Others Looking for a Change in Career.

“Like I said, I wanted to keep moving and this has been working out really well for me. I can see myself learning a bit more and maybe finding a role that has me interacting with the residents even more down the road. It’s nice to know the options are there.”

“I have a friend who recently retired and she is looking into a few opportunities here at Allied too. The people here are great and the company is so vast, there’s an opportunity for just about everyone.”

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Allied Services is seeking dietary aides, food service workers, and cooks to join their teams in providing quality nutrition to patients and residents.

These jobs offer great flexibility as needed for parents, students, and semi-retired staff. Explore full-time and part-time positions in Wilkes-Barre and Scranton.

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