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How Hospice Care can mean more time with family

How Hospice Care can mean more time with family

Gaynor Cawley’s entire life focus was his love of family, and care for his community. When he passed away this past Spring, it left a void that can never be filled; however, it was not surprising that he was surrounded by his beautiful daughters, grandchildren, sons-in-law, and the love of his life, his beloved wife of more than 55 years, Kathy.

Hospice at home helped Gaynor and his family achieve their end-of-life goals, which included the same togetherness and love they experienced throughout their lives. Making this transition even more vital, was the fact that this was accomplished during the pandemic. Allied Services Hospice has not missed one in-person patient visit, in any skilled nursing facility, nor in any of the hundreds of homes across Northeastern Pennsylvania where we provide the highest quality, compassionate hospice care.

Why was Gaynor’s end-of-life experience so meaningful to his family? Perhaps it was due to the fact that only 18 months earlier when he was hospitalized for double pneumonia, the attending physicians gave the family little hope of their husband, father, and grandfather having more than a few weeks.

However, Gaynor was a fighter his whole life. He was determined to be a professional baseball player.

He was determined to marry the girl of his dreams since fourth grade.

He was dedicated to becoming a State Representative and serving the community.

He was determined to recover from injuries sustained in an accident through physical rehabilitation.

He was determined in his battle against cancer.

But most importantly, he was determined to fight for more time with his family.

Daughter Jennifer Cawley claims the final year of his life, living at Allied Terrace Personal Care with his wife was peaceful, reflective, and filled with love.

Only the final few weeks of his life, when the family feared visitation restrictions would prevent them from seeing their parents, did the Cawley family rally to bring them home.

“They were vaccinated, and the Terrace staff was so wonderful for our parents, but with the virus on the rise and my dad requiring more medical care, we wanted them home with us. As the weeks passed and my dad was not bouncing back as he had in the past, we knew that the last place he would want to be was in a hospital setting. Home is where he was always happiest, and we were only able to do this because of Allied’s amazing hospice team.”

“This was the best decision of our lives,” shared Jennifer. “While we were originally fearful of symptom management, the Allied Services Hospice team immediately calmed those fears. The week of home hospice was full of family, love, and visitors, and his passing was completely peaceful!”

“From the nurses and aides to the music therapist, and grief counselors afterward, hospice at home was a true gift to our family. It gave us time together, without visitor restrictions; it helped us to accept the inevitable, and it allowed us to care for him right up until the end. There’s no greater honor than to do this for a man who cared so well for his family throughout our lives.”

Gaynor passed peacefully surrounded by his entire family and shortly after his youngest grandson whispered something poignant to him about love. It is truly why introducing hospice care at home, at the right time, is so very important.

Gaynor’s was a perfect ending to a life well-lived.

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