Cancer Rehab - Bridging the Gap Between Medical Prognosis and Physical Realities

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This intermediate continuing education course is applicable for PT’s, PTA’s, AT’s and OT’s who wish to further their current skill sets to include specialized treatments for the patient with cancer. The emphasis in this course is on learning the current medical and surgical management for the following cancers: breast, prostate, lung, colorectal, gynecological, lymphomas and leukemias. The therapist will learn how and when to most effectively intervene throughout the continuum of care to treat side effects encountered from cancer, and it’s treatments, including pre-habilitation programs.

This course will expand on the therapists’ knowledge of the tissue healing and disease processes and how each system of the body is affected from surgical, hormonal, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. Extensive lab time will be devoted to perfecting and applying both manual therapy skills and developing appropriate therapeutic exercise/activity programs. Treatment approaches learned in this course will allow the therapist to effectively develop treatment protocols for the achievement of functional outcomes, allow for maximum reimbursement, and reduce hospital readmissions for the patient with cancer.

This course will enable the therapist to become a knowledgeable and active participant of the oncology team and effectively market cancer rehab services while working towards making cancer rehabilitation a standard of care.

Continuing Education Course Objectives (click to view)

Course Brochure with Hour by Hour Outline and Registration Form. COURSES ARE APPROVED FOR PT, PTA, OT in the states that are presented. PDF does not show or list all approval numbers – PDF Document (click to view)