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After a joint replacement surgery, Allied Services Rapid Recovery can reduce your hospital stay and promote a safe transition home. Close coordination between the physician and Allied Services Home Health creates consistent clinical pathways and documentation for patients and their families. ”Fast Track” Programs like Allied Services Rapid Recovery are associated with greater patient satisfaction, fewer readmissions to hospital and better pain management. Prior to surgery, your surgeon will review the Rapid Recovery Program with you. A clinician will complete a pre-operative home safety assessment and create an initial plan to ensure a safe transition home after your surgery.

The goals of Rapid Recovery are to maximize the patients’ medical, functional, and emotional health. Skilled clinicians and caregivers work as a team, under the direction of the patient’s surgeon, to ensure the goals are achieved. Continuous evaluation of patient experience, outcomes, and costs will be documented and reviewed with the physician.


  1. Pre-operative interventions including education, weight management, and exercise.
  2. Coordinate with the inpatient facility to ensure smooth transition to home care, including medication hand-offs.
  3. Nursing and prescribed therapy with physician oversight.
  4. Transition to next level of care.

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How to Get Started

Dear Patient and Family,

Your physician has ordered/recommended continued services after you leave the hospital or inpatient treatment setting. The Rapid Recovery Program offered by Allied Services Home Health has been recommended by your physician and can provide the services to get you on the Fast Track to recovery.

You have the right to select any provider to provide the care ordered/recommended by your physician. This is your choice. If you need more information before making this decision, please ask your hospital discharge planner or social worker who will be happy to assist and provide you with alternatives.