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Your Support Matters: Lori’s Story

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  • Written By: Allied Services Integrated Health
Your Support Matters: Lori’s Story

Lori Ashman-Williams has been a physical therapist at Allied Services for almost 40 years. She holds multiple advanced certifications and has Lori has helped countless patients move better and live with less pain.

In early 2022, the tables turned and Lori became a patient at Allied Services. She was counting on her colleagues to help her recover from a serious skiing accident.

Lori is a member of the Safety Awareness Team at Montage Mountain in Moosic and was assisting when she fell. She suffered fractures to both legs and injuries to her dominant arm, shoulder, and elbow, leaving her unable to walk. That's when the therapy teams at Allied Services Transitional Rehab Unit and later, at Allied Services Luger Scranton Rehab Center, stepped in.

Lori participated in the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon while raising funds for rehab technology at Allied Services; rehab technology that she is using today to recover.

"I ran in the marathon...and that was a really good experience.That's what I kept saying to myself: Keep going. You ran a marathon. This is nothing. I think that really helped, and now I'm using some of the equipment I raised money for."

You can support more recoveries for patients at Allied Services with a donation of any size.