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Your Support Matters: Helen’s Story

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  • Written By: Allied Services Integrated Health
Your Support Matters: Helen’s Story

For children and teens living with a disability, therapy can be about overcoming an immediate challenge in daily life as well as working towards lifelong goals. Helen has received therapy services at Allied Services since she was little. She is relentless in pursuit of her goals.

Helen's Mom, Karen, talks about the goals that they're working towards in physical therapy at Allied Services. She says that walking isn't Helen's primary way of getting around, but that being able to walk and stand is a priority for her being able to enjoy the things we take for granted, like cooking and moving around our own homes.

"It's a remarkable journey that she's made since coming to Allied Services. Therapy is about, what can we do to make her life more functional as she gets older."

You can support life-changing therapy and rehab technologies for children and teens like Helen with a donation of any size.