NICHOLAS SEIDEL, Pocono Lake, Team Member 2019

NICHOLAS SEIDEL, Pocono Lake, Team Member 2019

Allied Services is very close to my heart because my daughter Alexandra was a patient of the rehab services for over two years. I am so grateful for the dedicated services Alexandra received while in treatment and hope I can repay the favor through this campaign.

On November 3, Nicholas Seidel will run the TCS New York City Marathon, cheered on by his wife and three daughters, all of whom love to run. The Seidel family enjoy how running helps them stay healthy and involved in the community. Nicholas is proud to raising funds and awareness for children and adults with disabilities at Allied Services.

Nicholas is running in honor of Isabella (Bella) Ungureit, a much loved patient at Heinz Rehab Hospital in Wilkes-Barre. At the age of 2, Bella was diagnosed with Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP). However, when Bella first came to Heinz for treatment, her diagnosis was Cerebral Palsy (CP), just like her mother, who was also treated at Heinz.

So when Bella came to be treated for CP, therapists knew something wasn’t right. Cerebral Palsy isn’t hereditary. While HPS and CP can be very similar in their outward presentation, the cause of each is very different. In Bella’s case, she had spasticity and other motor delays very similar to those with CP, but the familial trend was what led to more testing and an eventual diagnosis of HSP at almost 2 years old.

Now, Bella is an energetic 10 year old who loves art class and being with her friends at Ross Elementary School near Sweet Valley. More recently, Bella had knee surgery and is working hard in physical therapy not only to get stronger, but to be able to lift her leg high enough to be able to ride the bus with her friends again.

If you would like to support Nicholas, please visit his fundraising page.