LUANNE FISK Dunmore, PA Team Member 2019

LUANNE FISK Dunmore, PA Team Member 2019

As a licensed practical nurse for 37 years, I have worked in a trauma unit and have seen the devastating effect of injuries on people. I have been fortunate to meet up with some of these individuals who benefited from the rehabilitation efforts at Allied Services and returned to say thank you.

On November 3, Luanne Fisk will run the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon. This will be the first time the mother of two has run this iconic marathon. She is running in honor of Nicolette Peoples.

When Nicolette was 16, in her junior year at Lackawanna Trail, she was injured in a freak car accident less than a half a mile away from her family home. She sustained a mid-thoracic injury, which resulted in loss of feeling or movement in her legs. She rehabbed in a Philadelphia hospital before coming to Allied Services Rehab Hospital. After a few months of intensive inpatient therapy, she was able to move to outpatient therapy. Nicolette has really accepted her injury, although it was challenging at first, and believes it is just a part of her life. Now 29 years old, she lives in Downtown Scranton and enjoys her job at the Glider Diner.

In therapy, Nicolette utilizes the Indego Exoskeleton, a state-of-the-art device that Allied Services was able to purchase with funds raised through Team Allied Services 9. The Indego helps Nicolette walk and maintain some mobility. Although it did not feel like walking at first, she was amazed at how it felt to go outside.

“When my feet touched the grass I started to cry” says Nicolette. She was able to feel the grass on her feet for the first time in almost 14 years. She was also amazed at the height the Indego gave her, and had asked her therapists if she was really that tall. Nicolette was amazed to see what she looked like standing up and to see an idea of how tall she stands. Nicolette really wants to keep her body as strong as possible and she works hard every day to keep it healthy. Her goal is to move on to the maintenance program soon and enjoys spending time on the bike when in therapy.

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