JOE BECKER Carbondale, PA Team Member 2016 & 2019

JOE BECKER Carbondale, PA Team Member 2016 & 2019

I ran NYC with the Team Allied Services team in 2016 and it was one of the most satisfying races. It felt good to know that you were part of a group that was helping others in the community, to overcome disabilities. I jumped at the opportunity to do it again this year.

Joe Becker is running the TCS New York City Marathon for the second time this fall. He’s representing and raising funds for children and adults with disabilities at Allied Services. Joe is a proud 40 year employee of Gentex Corporation in Simpson. He is running in honor of Jimmy Mangan from Scranton.

30 year old Jimmy works at Allied Services W.W. Scranton Vocational Center and takes part in the Community Participation support program. He has been employed by Allied Services for the last 9 years. Jimmy loves coming to work and has a tight knit group of friends at work.

Jimmy lives with his mom, Sharon, in Scranton. She describes him as her smile. His younger brother and sister look up to him and he has many friends in the community. When Jimmy and his mom go for walks, everyone knows him and wants to say hi! Jimmy loves his family and looks forward to going to stay at his Nana’s house. He also loves going to sporting events with his Dad.

When he’s not at work, Jimmy enjoys playing video games, coloring pictures for friends and watching YouTube videos. Jimmy plays Challenger Baseball and is known for the famous “Jimmy Mangan Slide.” He is a big Phillies fan and supports all of the PA teams - Flyers, Pirates, Phillies. Jimmy loves all the holidays and dresses as Santa and the Easter Bunny at the holidays.

If you would like to support Joe, please visit his fundraising page.