Run for Ruth

Run for Ruth

7 days - 7 ultramarathons - 1 purpose

On June 12 Corey Cappelloni, a humanitarian, long distance runner, father and grandson, will attempt to run seven 50k ultra-marathons in one week between his home in Washington, DC and Scranton, PA, where he'll see his 98-year old grandmother Ruth (“Nana”) from outside her window at the Allied Services Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center.

She’s been living there for over a year and has been unable to see any family since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Corey has been doing his best to keep her spirits up during this difficult time by calling her every other day and sending her regular gifts in the mail, including photography books of destinations near and far.

corey and family

Now, he's decided to take things a step (many steps) further.

The ultras will cover approximately 220 miles -- the distance that separates Corey and his Nana -- and will include destinations where they traveled together while Corey was growing up. Corey and his partner-in-adventure will document their journey and create a photography book as a gift to add to Nana’s collection.

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"This endurance challenge is a way for me to show Nana that I am there for her, to raise awareness for all the residents in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and rehabilitation centers across the country and the world, including in Italy which was also greatly impacted by COVID-19 and is a central part of my family heritage,” said Corey. “The run is also to honor the victims of coronavirus, including my great uncle Charles “Chuck” Gloman who passed away on May 11th, and to deeply thank all the heroic staff at Allied Services and similar facilities for putting the care of others first."

Corey Cappelloni

Corey encourages you to show your solidarity with our seniors and the staff supporting them by donating and going the extra step to show those in your life that you care: Pick up the phone, write a letter, send a gift in the mail or call assisted living centers in your community and ask how you can help. If you can, please join Corey virtually for a run using the hashtag #irunfor.

A run for one is a run for all. Corey runs for Ruth. Who do you run for?

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