A 24-hour patient advocate hotline (570) 826-3745 option 2.

Things you should know about your stay with us

  • Upon your arrival, you’ll be greeted and admitted to your room. Please have your insurance cards available.
  • After being admitted, you’ll be evaluated by the healthcare professionals on your team so that you can set treatment goals.
  • A social worker/case manager will be available to you and your family to assist with any questions you may have throughout your stay and to assist your treatment team in developing feasible discharge plans and follow-up outpatient services.
  • Three nutritious meals are served daily. You’ll be offered selections based on the diet prescribed by your physician.
  • Mail and any other items sent to you will be delivered to your room as soon as they arrive.
  • Telephones and televisions are located in each patient room.

    • Room phones may be used for local calls by dialing -0- and then the number you are calling.
    • Long distance calls can be made only when the operator is available.
    • Use of cellular phones to make long distance calls is permissible.
    • You may also use any of the public telephones located throughout each facility.
    • TDDs (telephone aids) are available for hearing-impaired patients, and TTYs (teletypewriters) are available for deaf patients.
  • Sign language interpreters and other interpreters are available. To arrange for these services, please contact your nurse.


  • Vending machines
  • Gift shops
  • Barber/beautician
  • Regular religious services
  • Support from volunteers