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Transitional Rehabilitation and How It Can Benefit You

//Transitional Rehabilitation and How It Can Benefit You

Transitional Rehabilitation and How It Can Benefit You

Today, many people have probably heard of the term transitional rehab and yet wonder exactly what it is. In simple terms, transitional rehab is a bridge that enables someone to get from the hospital to home?and stay there.

Patients with illnesses or surgeries are not staying as long in hospitals as they used to. But often, they are not physically or medically able to return home after they are discharged. Many may have muscle weakness, low endurance or other complications. This is where a short stay in a transitional rehab program becomes crucial to one?s recovery and success with staying in one?s home.

The program starts with a referral from the physician or hospital discharge planner. Upon arrival at the transitional rehab facility, the patient is evaluated by a team of rehab specialists who develop a program tailored to meet their specific needs. The transitional team is directed by physician specialists including those with expertise in the fields of orthopedics, physiatry and pulmonology. Other specialty areas offered include physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy. Twenty-four-hour nursing services coordinated with the primary care physician are provided to address any ongoing medical needs. Additionally, any special dietary needs are addressed through nutritional consults and education.

As the patients progress through the rehabilitation phase, the social worker facilitates the discharge to their home by ensuring all of the needed medical equipment is in place, home health services are scheduled, and family training is complete. This coordinated, patient-centered approach very often leads to transitional rehab?s most successful outcomes.

If you are a patient who is having a surgical procedure at the hospital or has experienced a recent illness, this may be the perfect fit for you. Learn more about Allied Services Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center’s transitional rehabilitation program.

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