You Support Matters: Skilled Nursing

You Support Matters: Skilled Nursing

Tears, smiles, cheers, cowbell, and a little humor marked a new kind of celebration at Allied Services. Staff at our Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Scranton lined the corridors of the facility to give Elaine Jacques a fitting send-off. Having beaten COVID-19, Elaine was being reunited with her entire family, and dog Zoe, for the first time in weeks.

We were honored to care for Elaine and to see her return home to her family. Special thanks to our staff for their unending compassion, caring, and courage during this extraordinary time.

Throughout the pandemic, Allied Services has cared for more than 500 people in nursing homes, personal care homes and assisted living facilities in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Your support helps us to continue providing this much-needed care. Make a contribution today.

Your support matters

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Allied Services has provided life-sustaining care to more than 4,000 people daily in homes and facilities throughout Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania. Our staff has supported 312 individuals based in community mental health programs; cared for 506 residents at skilled nursing, personal care and assisted living facilities; coordinated services that enable 665 people to live safely at home; guided 1872 people through their rehabilitation at rehab hospital and centers; provided residential care to 109 adults with cognitive and physical disabilities; created an extra layer of support for 261 hospice and palliative care patients.

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