LISA ZWANCH, Old Forge, Team Member 2019

LISA ZWANCH, Old Forge, Team Member 2019

I work as a Physical Therapist Assistant in the TLC Medical Fitness & Physical Therapy clinic at Northeastern Rehabilitation Associates, PC. I love being a part of our patients’ healing process and sharing in their joy as they recover!

On November 3, Lisa Zwanch will run the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon. She is running to represent Northeastern Rehabilitation Associates, PC (NERA) and Sara Michaels, a patient who has benefitted from the partnership between NERA and Allied Services. Sara Michaels, a wife and mother of two from Forty Fort is living with multiple sclerosis (MS). Sara’s MS diagnosis came out of nowhere when she was 38. “I’d run on the treadmill and trip. My foot would slip, get heavy, numb,” Sara explained.

MS is an unpredictable disease that affects people’s central nervous system. Symptoms can include vision loss, pain, fatigue, and impaired coordination. Sara’s MS got so bad in 2017 that she needed a wheelchair and lived for nearly two months at Allied Services Heinz Rehab Hospital in Wilkes-Barre.

Sara eventually came home and continued her physical therapy at an Allied Services outpatient clinic. At one point during her physical therapy sessions, she used technology purchased by Team Allied Services - the Bioness System. It helped stimulate her right drop foot allowing Sara to slowly progress and work her way through various leg braces, but her MS remained relentless. She turned to Dr. John Kline, a physiatrist at NERA. He suggested Botox which in Sara’s case, was used as a way to prevent her foot muscles from seizing up from the MS. This allowed her to gain strength and mobility in physical therapy to get closer to her goals.

“It has been quite a journey, but you can never give up. I was never going to let MS define who I was.”

To support Lisa's efforts visit her fundraising page.