SUE DODD Scranton, PA Team Member 2019

SUE DODD Scranton, PA Team Member 2019

I have been a runner for over 25 years. Several years ago, I had a partial knee replacement and thought my passion for running was over. Running RR10 will be another goal to achieve. A goal that gives back to assist all individuals with disabilities through Allied Services.

On November 3, Sue Dodd will run the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon to raise funds for Allied Services. Sue is running in honor of a patient at Allied Services whose remarkable strength and recovery is an inspiration to her.

Anne Baker’s life changed dramatically 13 years ago when a brain bleed left her in a coma. When Anne regained consciousness 2 months later, she was faced with many challenges including difficulty blinking, swallowing, eating, walking and talking. Anne’s husband passed away a few years before and her family stepped in to help care for her young children.

Originally from Scranton, Anne turned to Allied Services to begin her recovery. She has worked with physical, occupational and speech therapists at all levels of care at Allied Services over the last decade and more to rebuild her life. Anne progressed from needing a feeding tube to being able to speak, swallow and handle utensils, all major victories that have helped restore her quality of life.

Today, Anne has regained almost 100% of her upper body function including the ability to grasp and lift objects. Her recovery has never halted during that time, thanks to her hard work and her therapists’ dedication. Every new milestone is a reason to celebrate with her friends and family.

If you would like to support Sue, please visit her fundraising page.