RILEY MARCKS, Scranton, PA, Team Member 2016 & 2019

RILEY MARCKS, Scranton, PA, Team Member 2016 & 2019

I love running, it keeps my mind, body, and awareness to the outside world, grounded. The dedication I have for running, has been with me since 4th grade and each year, seems to increase. It is an honor to be able to run for such an amazing team, and to make all that dedication even more worth while.

On November 3, Riley Marcks will run the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon. A special education teacher at Moscow Elementary Center, in the North Pocono School District, Riley is a veteran marathoner. She returns to the campaign with her ambassador, Amelia Woody.

“Team Allied Services 10 marks my second adventure in support for Allied Services. I previously served as a member of the Team Allied Services 7 team. To say the experience was life changing is an understatement. We run, to help make lives better and to make a difference, but running with Team Allied Services for my ambassador, Amelia, changed my outlook on life, and gave me a friendship that will last a lifetime.”

A very energetic 6 year old, Amelia began attending therapy at Allied when she was just barely a toddler. At just 7 months old, doctors discovered a tumor pressing on her spine. As a result, she was paralyzed from the waist down. Over several months, Amelia had to endure chemotherapy and 3 surgeries. As she began to heal, Amelia attended therapy and eventually took her first steps in a walker at 18 months old. Today, she is hard to keep up with.

Amelia is looking forward to 1st grade and really enjoys math class. With her improved strength and balance, Amelia has also been participating in dance lessons for the last two years. Showing off her moves in ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop! When she’s not keeping her mom and therapy team on their toes, she loves having ice cream!

If you would like to support Riley, please visit her fundraising page.