PAUL WYLAM Clarks Summit, PA Team Member 2019

PAUL WYLAM Clarks Summit, PA Team Member 2019

Being part of Team Allied Services allows me to do something I enjoy (run) while providing support for an incredible institution such as Allied Services. To me, it was a “no brainer.” I take great pride in helping support an organization that provides immeasurable support for individuals on the road to recovery.

On November 3, Paul Wylam will run the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon. Paul is an avid runner and has run everything from 5k’s to a 50 miler and a 200 mile relay. He is excited to take on the iconic race on behalf of Allied Services. Paul is running in honor of Ed Wolff.

Ed is 68 years old and lives in South Abington Township with his daughter, Corrine. In 1986, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As an extremely active young man, Ed was initially in denial about his diagnosis. He did not want to stop participating in biathlons or sports, but at the time, his doctors recommended he stop all sports related activity. There was also no medication at the time that could help slow down the progression of the disease. When medications started to be available in 1996, 10 years had already passed.

For Ed, coming to Allied Services helped him maintain the best quality of life possible.

“You could be disgruntled about it or make the most out of the time you have” says Ed, who is known for his positive attitude. Ed has been in Allied Services Rehab Hospital twice within the last 6 months. He also receives therapy or “tune ups” as he prefers to call it. Ed’s son, Harrison, lives in Scranton so mobility was a major priority for him. During his stays at Allied Services, Ed was amazed at the staff’s ability to give him 100% of their attention and help get him back on his feet within two week’s time. Right now, Ed is utilizing a walker but is otherwise mobile, which is all he wants. Ed simply enjoys life and enjoys being outdoors.

If you would like to support Paul, please visit his fundraising page.