MARY ANN RATAJCZAK Exeter, PA Team Member 2018 & 2019

MARY ANN RATAJCZAK Exeter, PA Team Member 2018 & 2019

It was so emotional to see Mikey during the marathon last year. I know how hard he works to be able to do all the things he loves. I’m proud to be supporting Allied Services once again and helping other children get the most out of life.

On November 3, Mary Ann Ratajczak will run the TCS New York City Marathon in honor of her buddy, 14 year old Mikey Ash. Mikey and Mary Ann met last year and Mikey was along the marathon course cheering for Mary Ann as she finished her first marathon.

At a very young age, Mikey was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome (RTS). RTS is characterized by difficulty with feeding, short stature, speech and language problems, and varying degrees of intellectual disability. Mikey was also diagnosed with Autism and has numerous medical issues.

At Heinz Rehab Hospital, Mikey receives physical, occupational, speech, feeding and vision therapy. Nicole, Mikey and his therapy team work hard day after day with the goal of allowing Mikey to be able to do everything other children can do.

Mikey was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis in the last 2 years and has had to work even harder to maintain his mobility. He set himself the goal of walking a lap with Mary Ann at the All Abilities Walk last October and was a big success!

Mikey is a big baseball fan and loves to play in the Challenger League with his friends. He loves spending time with his dog, Elsa, riding his bike and swimming. Mikey and his family are grateful to Mary Ann and all the runners.

If you would like to support Mary Ann, please visit her fundraising page.