JULIA ALDRICH Fort Collins, CO Team Member 2019

JULIA ALDRICH Fort Collins, CO Team Member 2019

I’m beyond excited to be able to support a cause so close to home while doing something that I love: running. Allied Services and the people they help are close to my heart.

On November 3, Julia Aldrich of Fort Collins, Colorado, will run the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon. This isn’t Julia’s first marathon. However, it will hold special meaning for her. She’s running to raise awareness and funds for people with disabilities at Allied Services.

Julia grew up in Avoca, PA. During college, she worked at Allied Services in Scranton, PA. Allied Services is a non-profit health system that cares for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities, life-changing injuries and chronic illness. Julia worked in the Developmental Day Program, caring for people with disabilities.

Julia is running the TCS New York City Marathon in honor of Bernard “Teddy” Fox, a current participant in the Day Program. Teddy is known as a bit of a lady’s man - he has many girlfriends among his peers and the staff! He is a social butterfly, a snappy dresser and enjoys a good joke. Teddy is a huge karaoke fan and enjoys participating in music and art therapy at Allied Services.

Your donations make miracles in rehab a reality at Allied Services: bringing cutting-edge rehab technology to those who need it most; helping people regain health and independence after an injury; empowering children to overcome a learning disability, and improving quality of life for people like Teddy.

If you would like to support Julia, please visit her fundraising page.