GARY PUHALLA Olyphant, PA Team Member 2019

GARY PUHALLA Olyphant, PA Team Member 2019

The TCS New York City Marathon will be a great experience for me, and I am really excited to be paired up with Allied Services and RR10 to help to change the lives of children and adults with disabilities, life changing injuries, and chronic illness in our area.

On November, Gary Puhalla will run the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon. This will be the first time this father of two has run this iconic marathon. Gary is Assistant Manager for Weis Markets in Mountain Top, a major sponsor of the Ryan’s Run campaign.

Gary is running in honor of William O’Neill, a roofer from West Side in Scranton. One day, Bill experienced a dizzy spell while working on a roof. When he woke up, he was on ground. Bill had fallen 22 feet, breaking 6 ribs, his back and shattering vertebrae. The next day, he underwent surgery. The doctors told Bill he might never be able to walk again, at least not without assistance. Bill responded “yes I will.”

For Bill, the mind is a powerful tool. After leaving the hospital, his wife Monica chose to send Bill to Allied Services because it was close to home while offering the same advanced as facilities in New York and Philadelphia. Bill was determined to work with his therapists to regain as much mobility as possible. When he was first evaluated, he could take six unaided steps. Now, he can take 200+. His most recent accomplishment is being able to reach down and tie his own shoes. Bill has regained about 90% of his feeling and is a long way from being told he would need adaptive assistance. He loves spending time with his wife, Monica, and their four daughters: Alisa, Kaila, Julia, and Felicia. “I was fortunate” says Bill. His recovery has been a process and he does not take his “new normal” for granted.

If you would like to support Gary, please visit his fundraising page.