EUGENE MARIOTTI Old Forge, PA Team Member 2019

EUGENE MARIOTTI Old Forge, PA Team Member 2019

I’m overwhelmed with the idea of raising money to support such a great institution in our valley. Allied Services has done an amazing job of service outreach to our community, expanding their network of care and providing rehabilitating to those in need!

On November 3, Eugene Mariotti will run the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon. This will be the first marathon for the father of 3. He is dedicating his first marathon to a special young girl, Annabelle Welch.

Annabelle lives in Tunkhannock with her parents and younger sister, who she is extremely close with. Annabelle has an Expressive Language Receptive Disorder.

Children with a receptive language disorder can have trouble understanding what others are saying to them which can lead to frustration and behavioral issues. Annabelle started speech and occupational therapy at Allied Services in October 2018, and went from strength to strength.

“Our lives have changed tremendously with the progress she has made in therapy” says Annabelle’s mom Hollie.

Annabelle is a bright young girl with a photographic memory. She loves to mimic accents, especially English and Australian. Her love of languages even transcends into music, as her favorite song is in Russian. She also loves to play make-believe and particularly enjoys princesses. She is a typical 4 year old, filled with energy, and always loves to hear stories related to Peppa Pig.

If you would like to support Eugene, please visit his fundraising page.