ERIC POCHAS, Greenfield Township, PA, Team Member 2015 & 2019

ERIC POCHAS, Greenfield Township, PA, Team Member 2015 & 2019

Koz is a walking, talking example of what it means to inspire fitness, challenge disability and change lives. He proves that while nothing is guaranteed in life, your attitude and effort dictate what you make of what comes next. He inspires me big time!

On November 3, Eric Pochas will run the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon. Eric is a proud Team Member of Baker Tilly, a long-time major sponsor of the Team Allied Services campaign. The 2019 TCS New York City Marathon will mark Eric’s seventh go at the 26.2 mile distance. He previously ran this iconic marathon on behalf of Allied Services and Baker Tilly in 2015.

Eric is running in honor of his friend, John Kozlosky.

During his senior year at Penn State, John had surgery to remove a brain tumor. Although the surgery successfully removed the tumor, he was left with significant paralysis. Through rigorous inpatient and outpatient therapy at Allied Services, he has regained much of his strength and mobility. John credits much of his recovery to the therapists at Allied Services and to rehab technology such as the ZeroG, made possible by support for WNEP’s Team Allied Services.

John has since graduated from college and is working as a loan specialist at OneMain Financial. He is an avid gym goer and a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. His next big adventure in life comes in September when he and his girlfriend will become first-time parents.

If you would like to support Eric, please visit his fundraising page.