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This coming 4th of November, 2018, the Big Apple will once again have the TCS New York City Marathon.  Held once a year, thousands of qualifiers fly from all corners of the globe to be part of this enormous event.  The New York City Marathon is the last of a series of marathons that happen throughout the year, which started in Tokyo, Japan, the recently held Berlin marathon where Eliud Kipchage broke world records, and last month’s Chicago Marathon.  Since this is the last of the series for the year, it is expected that this will also have the most number of participants, especially as the conditions ripen to the best in terms of running requirements, just the latter part of the Fall season, where it’s still a great time to run outdoors and sweat it out, prior to the festivities of the Yuletide season.

Being itself a global event, several nations are expected to participate.  Among these nations, is of course, the Philippines, where thousands of runners aspire to be better every weekend, with even back to back running events, all for the running and the rest of the fitness community.

I have the honor of knowing some of these runners who will be participating in the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon, some of them even good friends and teammates.  Among the hundreds, probably thousands of Filipinos running the biggest running event before the turn of the year, are:  Clint Ortiz, Ma. Leonisa “Euniz” Cantos, Jeffrey Aspacio, all representing Open Access BPO, and running team #M8.  Also participating are known personalities in the running community, Pinoy Fitness’s Jeff Lo, and Chiqui Dijamco.

Runners running the marathon

It’s a little over half a month before the big event in New York City, and these people I have the pleasure of knowing, continue to push each day, as they train in rigid conditions, to prepare themselves and ensure they cross the NYC Marathon Finish Line without any issues, injuries, and most importantly, finish strong.