Lymphedema Rehabilitation

Comprehensive Rehab Care for Chronic Lymphedema

Lymphedema is an abnormal swelling of the arm, leg or other body part due to an excessive buildup of fluid called lymph. In the U.S. today, one-third of all patients develop lymphedema after mastectomy. This condition affects both men and women who receive lymph node dissection, radiation, injury or infection. Some individuals may be born with the swelling and others get it for no apparent reason.

The lymphedema program at Allied Services provides comprehensive rehab care to patients with acute to chronic lymphedema. Our staff has attended advanced training and several are certified in the Vodder Technique, as well as by the Lymphedema Association of North America (LANA).

Symptoms of lymphedema include swelling of head, trunk, abdomen, genitals, a limb, or part of a limb. Other symptoms include a feeling of heaviness in the limb, the skin feeling tight, a decrease in the flexibility of the limb, and difficulty fitting into clothing.

Conditions treated include:

  • Lymph node removal for biopsies
  • Serious infections that include lymphangitis, cellulitis or erysipelas
  • Deep, invasive wounds that might tear, cut or damage the lymphatics
  • Radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer
  • Morbid obesity due to its crushing effects on the lymphatics
  • Chronic venous insufficiency
  • Serious burns, even intense sunburn
  • Unresolved post-operative swelling

Technologies Involved:

  • PhysioTouch

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Specialty Services

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)

Experienced therapists provide MLD using complete decongestive therapy and lymphatic massage techniques. These techniques are designed to improve the flow of lymphatic fluid toward the heart, away from the affected limb.

Compression therapy

Multi-layered compression bandaging with Phase I using low stretch bandages, progressing to Phase II, the use of compression garments.

Therapeutic exercise program

A gradual program of resistive and aerobic exercises designed to improve lymphatic circulation.

Patient education

Lessons in proper skin/nail care, infection prevention, lymphedema precautions and other self-management techniques.

Referrals & Insurance

Patients need a prescription from their doctor in order to enroll in the hand and upper extremity program at Allied Services. Insurance coverage for this program is provided by most health insurance policies.

For specific questions on how to obtain a referral, please call 570-826-3900 (Wilkes-Barre) or 570-348-1360 (Scranton). Contact us to learn more or start your referral process today.

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